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What are URS?

URS (Underground Robogenetic Survivalist)


URS is a collection of generated NFT art programmed based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The last humans managed to create a special surveying robot, called URS, which was also implanted with human DNA. The first generation of URS consists of 10,000 biological robots, which are implanted with human DNA. All 10,000 have different characteristics and personalities.


All URS were created in the form of 3D rigged avatars to exist and survive in the metaverse. 

URS (pronounced “Yours”) is a revolutionary new collectible created by a global team based in Korea, US, and Germany. The team is comprised of high level 3d specialists, illustrators, concept artists, creative directors, and experienced developers, and through a long planning and deliberation process, the storyline, roadmap, and aesthetic was determined over a period of months earlier this year, and the project is set to release in early to mid September.


The versatility of URS opens up possibilities for collaboration with other projects, metaverse applications, and the level of artwork and community focus puts it ahead of the pack of other collectible projects. The URS team is constantly responding to user feedback, creating a natural ecosystem and endless potential that you don’t want to miss out on!

Meet The URS


[21%] Airdrop: Companion of URS, ??? 

It's not easy to go on an expedition through the warp gates if you don't know where you'll end up. But if you have a companion, you will have more strength. The URS have joined forces with each other to create their own companions on their expeditions. 


[30%] Merchandise shop open 

Good news! The URS, who went on adventures in various settings, found and brought back cool items during their short journeys. What items did they bring? Check it out at the Merchandise Shop. 


[50%] 2nd Sale: Enemy of URS, ??? 

These are beings who are targeting the URS while they explore various destinations of the space-time continuum. Their identities are still unknown, but it seems certain that they will pose a threat to the URS. What are these beings? Nobody knows yet, but rumor has it that they love shiny coins. 


[62%] Importing metaverse: ??? 

A quirky warp gate that teleported the URS to various places, this time sent them to the metaverse. What kind of metaverse did the URS arrive at? Furthermore, will we finally be able to see the URS walking? 


[77%] Airdrop: URS item, ??? 

More and more people are realizing the usefulness of URS. Now people are starting to offer a variety of items that can aid in their exploration for the URS to explore the wild world. What kind of items are there? 


[84%] for the sake of the earth

Although the URS universe deals with the apocalypse, it is heartbreaking to see this beautiful planet destroyed. Team URS donates a portion of sales to environmental organizations.


[95%] Additional settings disclosure, airdrops, and benefits

Numerous stories and settings that have not yet been revealed about URS will be revealed one after another. As a result, periodic airdrops and sales are held, and more wonderful opportunities are provided to token holders in the URS universe. 


[100%] Game launch

A game set in the URS universe will be released. The various NFTs you have will be useful in the progress of the game. More details will be provided later.



Q. When does the sale start?


A. Both presale and mainsale starts in mid-September. The exact date will be announced.


Q. How do I participate in the presale?

A. It starts right before the mainsale and runs for 9 hours(changed from 12 to 9). You must have a Mint Pass to participate, and you can mint up to 5 per Mint Pass. Mint price is 0.08 eth per each URS.


Q. How do I participate in the mainsale?


A. It goes on raffle. It runs for 24 hours and you can only apply once. You can participate by paying 0.08 eth per number of applications. Winners will be announced after 24 hours. After that, on the claim page, you can take URS for each winning entry and you can take eth for each non-winning entry.


1. Thomas had a Mint Pass. He participated in the presale to mint 5 URS without competition by paying 0.4 ETH. And then he deposited 0.8 ETH in the mainsale to buy additional 10 URS. He won all of that, and claimed 10 URS. He got 15 URS total in presale and mainsale.

2. Jessica didn't have a Mint Pass. So, she deposited 0.8 ETH to buy 10 URS in the mainsale. She won 5, so she claimed 5 URS and 0.4 ETH back.

3. Alex deposited 10 ETH in the mainsale, but unfortunately, he didn't win any, so he claimed his deposited 10 ETH back.


Q. How do I get the Mint Pass?


A. It's distributed through community participation(XP), contests, and giveaways winning. We are keeping a record of all the winners. We will notify you when we open a page where you can actually take the Mint Pass later. Mint Pass cannot be transferred until the sale is over.


Q. How do I get XPs?


A. You can get XPs by sending a message(2 min cooldown), being set as an invitee by another user, or being upvoted(4 hour cooldown).

There may be some delay in calculating xp. Do not abuse or harm the community to get XPs or you'll be banned. Details in:

Q. How do I set someone as my inviter?


A. Enter the following command in the #🤖bot-command channel:

urs!m @username set inviter

Both the inviter and the invitee gain xp. It can only be set once and cannot be changed.


Q. How do I upvote someone?


A. React to other people's messages with thumb emoji(👍). Writer gets XP. Adding xp through upvoting has a 4 hour cooldown.


Q. Tell me about the contest.


A. We are holding various contests with rewards. Check out the #📢announcement channel to see what contests are running.


Q. I want to join giveaway.


A. We are hosting daily giveaway on #🏆giveaways channel until early September. Check it out right now.


Q. Please explain more about your roadmap.


A. The URS universe is just getting started, and it is our dream and goal to show each side of the universe in a wonderful way to the community. Many things were not disclosed intentionally. We are taking care of every detail and doing it right one by one, and when we are ready enough, we will reveal a specific schedule and details.


Why should I buy URS?

Those who buy URS have good survival instincts as well as good investing instincts. 

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